Space Bust-A-Move Comes to Nintendo DS

July 28, 2009

Space Bust-A-Move Comes to Nintendo DS

TAITO’s Classic Arcade Game Goes Where No Bubble Has Gone Before

TAITO Corporation announced that SPACE BUST-A-MOVE for Nintendo DS was shipped to North American retailers today. An all-new installment in the popular BUST-A-MOVE series, SPACE BUST-A-MOVE takes players across the universe on an endlessly entertaining puzzle adventure.

SPACE BUST-A-MOVE is a new adventure for iconic heroes Bub and Bob, who battle intergalactic bosses in order to save the galaxy. In addition to its classic gameplay, SPACE BUST-A-MOVE boasts a wide array of new features such as improved graphics, customization options, intense multi-player competition and mini-games for an exhilarating puzzle-solving experience.

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