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SouthPeaks Crime Scene for Nintendo DS Now Available for Investigators on the Go

February 18, 2010

SouthPeak’s “Crime Scene” for Nintendo DS Now Available for Investigators on the Go

SouthPeak Interactive Corporation, in collaboration with Nobilis Games, today announced the arrival of Crime Scene, a gritty crime-drama, for Nintendo DS. In Crime Scene, players assume the role of Detective Simmons, a young, talented forensics investigator responsible for solving the city’s recent outbreak of gruesome crimes.

In order to get to the bottom of each case, players must take full advantage of an impressive array of high-tech tools to scour every inch of the environments in the game for clues. The tiniest pieces of evidence have the potential to dramatically alter the course of an ongoing investigation.

“Crime Scene offers a great entertainment experience and is designed to attract both traditional gamers and emerging consumer segments, such as women, ” said Aubrey Norris, PR Manager at SouthPeak. “By combining a suspenseful storyline and forensics investigation controlled using the stylus and touch screen interface, Crime Scene literally puts the evidence right at your fingertips in a comprehensive and compelling way. Crime scene investigation and forensic science is exceptionally popular right now and has a huge audience eager to test their skills in authentic forensic scenarios. Crime Scene the game offers users an engrossing adventure, and by taking advantage of the unique Nintendo DS interface, makes detective work a realistic, tactile and gratifying experience.”

Crime Scene encourages players to use the ultimate tool in their arsenal, their mind, to become the very best investigator. By asking the right questions and assembling the right evidence; which includes forensic photographs, blood samples, fingerprints and more, the mysteries of each crime will fall into place and justice will prevail.

Crime Scene is available now for Nintendo DS at the suggested retail price of $29.99. Visit for more information.

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