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Southpeak Unleashes Dementium II

SouthPeak Games today announced the critically-acclaimed Dementium II has shipped to retail stores in the United States, Canada and South America.

The second installment in Renegade Kid’s Dementium series, Dementium II brings the horror experience on Nintendo DS to a disturbing new level, with gory and horrific environments, unnerving full-motion cinematics and horrifying enemies. Moreover, Renegade Kid’s mastery of the Nintendo DS’s capabilities makes Dementium II a technical tour-de-force for the platform.

“Not many publishers are willing to release an M rated product for Nintendo DS,” said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak, while fiddling with a lighter and stray aerosol can he found on his desk. “Some might say that releasing a game like this is a risk. I like to think of it as a brave move by some vigorously scented, shockingly handsome and extremely talented people. In truth though, we know there’s a huge, dedicated fan base out there because of the success of the first game. They can’t wait to be kept awake at night through sheer terror. We look forward to wide-spread reports of insomnia, followed by bouts of insanity. However, if there are any repercussions, it was rock music that did it. Not us.”

Dementium II, developed by award-winning developer Renegade Kid, is available now on Nintendo DS with a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated M for Mature by the ESRB. This game should not be supplied to or played by people under the age of 17 or those with a nervous disposition. Check in to the Bright Dawn Treatment Center at

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