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South Park: The Stick of Truth’s preorder incentives have been announced


Alrighty South Park fans, it’s time to see what incentives are out there for you to preorder South Park: the Stick of Truth from various outlets. I’ll give you a hint, one of the three options is better than the others. Let’s have at it then.

The Stick of Truth Ultimate Fellowship Pack will bring you some fantasy-esque costumes into your game, inspire by the Lord of the Rings episode. If you’re in Europe, you can get these from ShopTo. Where these will be available in the US is still unknown. It will include:

Stick 1

  • Necromancer Sorcerer Costume: Bonus Fire Damage
  • Ranger Elf Costume: Bonus Weapon Damage
  • Rogue Assassin Costume: Bonus Gold
  • Holy Defender Costume: Bonus Defenses

On the other hand, The Super Samurai Spaceman Pack includes a few more exclusive in game skins. If you’re in Europe and you preoder from GAME, these are the bonuses you’ll receive. Said extras include:

Stick 3

  • Superhero Costume: Buffs at Start of Combat
  • Samurai Costume: Buffs when you Defeat an Enemy
  • Spaceman Costume: Emergency Shields

Lastly, fans who preorder from the Uplay shop will receive both the Stick of Truth Ultimate Fellowship Pack AND the Super Samurai Spaceman Pack as bonuses. So… if you have to pick one of the three, it seems like ordering from the Ubisoft source packs the most punch.

If all of this still isn’t enough for you, there is one more option for you collector types. The Collector’s Edition, The Grand Wizard Edition is also available now for preorder goodness. This beast includes the following:

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth Game
  • Grand Wizard Kidrobot® Cartman Figure
  • Kingdom of South Park Map
  • And The Stick of Truth Ultimate Fellowship Pack presented above
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