South Park: The Stick of Truth collector's edition detailed, new trailer and screenshots available

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Wednesday, publisher Ubisoft confirmed an official release date for their highly-anticipated role-playing game South Park: The Stick of Truth. In addition, Ubisoft released five new screenshots of the game, a new trailer, and details of a highly-exclusive collector’s edition.

Said edition – “The Grand Wizard Edition” – comes packaged with a 6” figure of Grand Wizard Cartman from Kidrobot that will never be sold anywhere else, a reproduction of Cartman's hand-drawn map of South Park that appears in the game, a copy of the game, and the “Ultimate Fellowship Pack,” all for $79.99.

The latter incentive will also be available to everyone who pre-orders the standard edition of the game at $59.99. It includes a set of four additional costumes for each class. The costumes grant special abilities, they are: the Ranger Elf (extra weapon damage), Necromancer Sorceror (extra fire damage), Holy Defender (increased defense), and Rogue Assassin (earn more gold). 

Previously mentioned, Ubisoft launched a new trailer of the game that showcases the world of South Park and all the antics it will include. The trailer features unicorns, a Skyrim jab, and tons of references of the game’s “new kid.” It can be seen below, along with the five new screenshots: 






Source: [Press Release]

Source: [Ubisoft - YouTube]

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