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South Park: The Game Announces Final Character Class: Jew


South Park: The Game was a surprise announcement for many, as though the potty-mouthed youngsters of Comedy Central's hit animated series have had their own (awful) first-person-shooter, quiz/party game and a tower-defense title, bringing the kids into the RPG realm seemed more than a bit more outlandish. Thankfully, the developers at Obsidian Entertainment seem to know their stuff, citing games like Paper Mario and Final Fantasy as influences, while also stressing their devotion to maintaining the series' trademark humor.

The best evidence of this so far? The game's character classes. Fighter, Mage, Thief, Cleric & Jew.

“The jew's going to be our sort of our paladin / monk-type character” lead designer Matt MacLean told Game Informer in a recent interview. “He's a high risk / high reward character. The closer he is to death, the more powerful his abilities become.”

Here's hoping that other RPGs will pick up on this exciting new character class. I'd love to run a Wood Elf Jew in my next playthrough of Skyrim!

Check out the full interview on Game Informer.


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