South Park: Stick of Truth's cut content will 'get out there,' confirms Trey Parker

South Park: The Stick of Truth Screenshot - Cartman vs Kyle

In a panel at San Diego Comic-Con South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said the cut content from the once 850-page South Park: The Stick of Truth game will eventually be released -- they just aren't exactly sure in what form yet.

Inspired by Bethesda's Skyrim, Parker and Stone's "Let's do this. This is easy" mentality led to a script about 850 pages long with "just about every character" and element from South Park. Needless to say, Obsidian, the developers of The Stick of Truth, urged the two to "cut it down, cut it down" and make the extra content some sort of DLC for the game.

"And I agree," Parker said in response to the crowd's jeers to DLC. "F*ck that."

Parker added, "Somehow or another, this shit will get out there," suggesting that the content could come in the form of a TV episode or multiple episodes. It was a thought that did cross Parker's mind.

"We did have this whole delusion of actually incorporating the game into the season," Parker said, "but that sounds like a bitch. We really just wanted it to be that you could pick it up anywhere and it would kind of make sense."

How would you like to see the cut content from South Park: The Stick of Truth be released?


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