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Sour Patch Kids Game Coming to a Console Near You (Seriously)


In a bit of heartwarming, stomach-filling news, Capcom has officially announced "World Gone Sour," a new XBLA/PSN/PC action platforming-adventure title. No, this isn't a rumor, nor is it April fools. The beloved candy is making its way to gaming for a sour-tastic adventure. 

World Gone Sour throws players into the shoes of a lost piece of candy who must platform across movie theaters, concession stands, and other enemy-filled locations. The goal, you ask? Simply, to return your lost piece of candy to its palace (AKA a person's stomach). Capcom has signed hip-hop artist Method Man and The Office co-star Creed Bratton to work on the title, which will be narrated by none other than Creed Bratton. 

In addition to an in-depth story, the game will feature a local co-op mode, global leaderboards, as well as the standard list of Trophies and achievements.

“Sour Patch is the #1 all sour candy brand in the U.S. but there is so much more to these iconic characters than just their sour exteriors and sweet interiors,” said Sebastian Genesio, Sour Patch's Marketing Director. “Bringing our ‘lost kids’ to life in video game form will add a new dimension to these lovable snacks. We feel this video game will resonate strongly with our core audience of teens and young adults.”

The title is set to release this winter for PC folks, with an XBLA/PSN release slated for spring of 2012. It will sell for $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points), and may possibly be the next Castle Crashers, so keep it on your radar. 

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