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“We all have our heroes, and our reasons to fights.  Some are just better than others.”

This spoken phrase starts the live action SoulCalibur V launch trailer.  With the release of the newest fighting game in the series by Namco Bandai out tomorrow, the excitement only rises.  This trailer shows a martial artist with a katana, a fem fatale with a whip, and a mysterious man with an Assassin’s Creed hood preparing to get their fight on.

The video then transitions into game footage battles.  This trailer shows off two of the unlockable characters fighting in great detail.  Both Kilik and Algol are shown fighting and I can assure you that both characters are playable in SCV.  Kilik is similar to the edge master but instead of using all weapons and fighting styles he only uses those of male characters.  Algol on the other hand is still the good ole multi-weapon, throne dropping, god of gods that we know and ‘love.’   

Enjoy this trailer below.  Remember: two-swords, one destiny.  Thanks to Gametrailers for this video.

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