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SoulCalibur V Improves on Character Creation Aspect (Video)


The SoulCalibur franchise is working diligently on their next installment, SoulCalibur V.  Besides being compelling fighting games, there are always extra features.  One of the features from SoulCalibur IV was the ability to create your own character and / or edit the ones already in the game.  This component of the game adds that extra customization I feel gamers really enjoy.  In SoulCalibur IV, you could create a character from scratch, change their gear, change their appearance, hair, weapons, clothing, and the colors of everything.  Different items, weapons, and clothing also had different stats so you could make your character say faster, or able to take a hit better, life leach weapons, etc.

It appears that in SoulCalibur V Namco Bandai takes this feature a step further.  Below is a video they released which takes the viewers through a comical version of the character creation process.  New features include:

  • Voice selection, including tone and pitch
  • Equipment that can be altered and put anywhere on the character
  • Select clothing patterns
  • Choose weapon colors and weapon swing effect colors
  • Stickers and scars which can be placed anywhere – with layering options
  • Pick your character pose and frame

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