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Another SoulCalibur V trailer was released to taunt us until the game’s release January 31.  The focus of this little gem is on characters.  More specifically, the focus is on four characters.  The trailer functions as a preview of some of the moves and one liners these characters will have; lines about repenting, being hungry, lizard growls, and calling women wenches – the full gauntlet. 

This video includes classic characters such as Cervantes, Lizardman, and Yoshimitsu.  Cervantes, now freed from the control of Soul Edge, is off to rule the seven seas once more (it’s what I would do after being controlled by a sword for so long - #arrrrrg).  Lizardman is going by (in game now) Aeon, he’s sinful, and he’s rocking wings.  Yoshimitsu has been killed and Yoshimitsu (2) now has the sword and title.      

New to the group is Xiba.  He is the Kilik replacement and looks like he plays very similar.  He gives me the impression of monkey king sort or character; playful, a trickster, and always hungry.   He even trained on the same mountain as Kilik – so yea.

The trailer is below, enjoy.

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