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Sorry, Vita owners. You can't download unsupported PSP/PSone games anymore


Vita owners may have recently discovered that they were able to download some PSP/PSone games onto their handheld. While out of context this isn't exactly breaking news, it's important to note that the games in question weren't previously supported. Many were wondering if this was a glitch or an intended feature that wasn't announced.

Today, we have our answer. You're not going to like it, though.

Sony has reported fixed the issue; you're no longer able to download any unsupported PSP or PSone game onto your PS Vita.

While this seems like a strange move for Sony to block a feature gamers enjoy, it's important to remember that there are reasons some of these titles were unsupported. Some games reportedly don't run smoothly on the Vita, making for an unoptimal experience. Other games may have run into lisencing issues. 

We may never know the official reason. Hopefully you were able to pick up a long lost classic while you could.


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