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Sony Says PSN Attacks Were Great Learning Experience


Sony Network Entertainment President Tim Schaaff had some interesting things to say about the recent PlayStation Network hacker attacks. Despite the ordeal being a hellacious situation for both gamers and Sony, Schaaff referred to the debacle as a "great experience." It's good to know that Sony can look on the bright side after all the crap that everyone went through at the hands of some disgruntled hackers.

Schaaff told VentureBeat that the situation, though incredibly stressful, was a great learning experience. This is understandable, as it raised awareness about hackers and their prowess for breaking into different databases. It also caused Sony to up their security to higher standards (which they probably should have done way before the attacks).

When asked how he felt about the whole ordeal, Schaaff replied enthusiastically but still determinedly, saying, "A great experience. I would not like to do it again. One time was enough. Great learning experience."

Given that the attacks caused a lot of issues for gamers and Sony, it makes sense that Schaaffer feels this way. Also, it was probably a pain having to defend the company in court and deal with the criticism that was heaped on Sony during the PlayStation Network downtime, so he must be feeling a sense of relief these days. So can we all look back on this whole thing and laugh about it? Probably not yet. Heck, probably not ever---it was a total inconvenience.

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