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Sony Online Entertainment Announces Legends of Norrath Travelers

September 30, 2009

Sony Online Entertainment Announces Legends of Norrath Travelers

Travelers, the next Legends of Norrath expansion in development at Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) Denver studio, introduces a new story, new characters, and new challenges for players.

With the release of Travelers, SOE will retire Oathbound, the game’s first set release, from standard tournament formats. Players can continue to play Oathbound in open tournament events. Get your Oathbound booster packs and starter packs before they leave the Station store on October 13.

The Gods need your help! The link between Norrath and the Gods is threatened by a new evil that seeks to destroy all of creation. Travel the Planes and protect the Gods in Travelers, the eighth release of Legends of Norrath.

Travelers Features:

  • New Story: An exciting new storyline with all new characters and situations that send players to the Planes themselves.

  • New Cards: More than 210 new game cards add fresh strategies and game play.

  • New Starter: An all-new 200 card starter that can be used to create four different starter decks, one for each of the four new avatars.

  • New Loot: Incredible loot cards, including exclusive new quests in EverQuest and EverQuest II that open all-new chambers and rewards of loot and XP. In EQII, players can combine several key cloaks to create the game’s first wearable, visible backpack. In EQ, three new collection items will grant players the Frozen Skull of the Cursed item which gives you a unique mercenary.

Travelers is scheduled for release in October.

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