news\ Sep 27, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Sony Officially Unveils the PSP2


The PSP2 is finally official. Codenamed NGP, Sony is focusing on a handful of key concepts: Revolutionary User Interface, Location-Based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual Reality.

The goodies include a 960x544 resolution (quadruple that of the original) 5-inch touchscreen OLED display, dual analog sticks (no more nub), 3G, WiFi, GPS, dual cameras, and the same motion sensing technology featured in the PlayStation Move. The CPU is said to be "the most advanced in its class."

The UMD used for current generation software will be replaced with "new media" of some sort. The NGP is set to launch this holiday season in Japan. Expect many more details in the coming days.

William Haley
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