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Sony Announces The Last Guardian Delay


You can take The Last Guardian off your "most anticipated games of 2011" list. Sony announced that the upcoming fantasy action-adventure title from Team Ico will be delayed. In addition to the disappointing news, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection will also be put on hiatus.

Fumito Ueda, director and designer of The Last Guardian, addressed the game's delay. According to Ueda, the stall is a move on the part of Team Ico to meet Sony's standards in video games. The notoriously creative designer said that The Last Guardian development team wants to "provide more challenging and better quality of content to users and to fulfill First Party Studio's obligations."

Ueda also said that Team Ico is working at a rapid pace to ensure the highest quality. Given Team Ico's reputation for unique and highly entertaining gaming experiences, it's obvious Ueda just wants to provide yet another solid game for fans. Those who enjoyed previous Team Ico games may be upset about the delay, but they will probably be at least somewhat okay with it after reading Ueda's statement.

Though no official launch date has been newly announced for either The Last Guardian or Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection (originally slated for spring 2011 and holiday 2011), we can probably expect them to release sometime in 2012. Ueda gave his apologies for the delay of the former game: "I sincerely apologize to all the customers who have been waiting for The Last Guardian for so long, but I beg your patience. I will also announce the new release timing at a later time."

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