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Sony: You get free PSN money, and YOU get free PSN money, EVERYBODY gets free PSN money!


Sony is at it again. Just a month since doling out a cool $10 to select "loyal customers," the company is once again sending select PlayStation Network users in North America free money to spend in the PlayStation Store. Like last time, users are receiving XMB messages with $10 credit included.

The message reads: "We hope you're enjoying your experience on PlayStation Network. As a gift, here's $10.00 to spend on PlayStation Store." 

And again, it's unknown how many received it or why. Interestingly, the message makes no mention of "loyal customers." Perhaps this handout is for the remaining PlayStation owners who Sony deemed not loyal enough for the first round.

"While we don't disclose the exact criteria used, we can say that select active PSN users were chosen to receive an XMB message that included a credit for their SEN [Sony Entertainment Network] Wallet as part of this special promotion," a SCEA spokesperson told Joystiq.

I haven't yet check my PlayStation account, but I'm hoping when I return home today I find a nice little gift waiting for me. Although with my 7.5 score on God of War: Ascension, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony skipped right over me. I kid, I kid. Seriously though, I want free money.

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