Sony wraps up 'Evolution of PlayStation' series leading up to PS4 reveal

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We're only two days away from the expected PlayStation 4 announcement. With the February 20th event quickly approaching, Sony is looking to pave the way for the PS4 reveal by formally recapping the history of PlayStation. Over the weekend, a series of videos titled "Evolution of PlayStation" were released, offering a retrospective look back at the history of PlayStation. 

The first, appropriately labeled "The Beginning", chronicles the creation of Sony Computer Entertainment and the launch of the original PlayStation console and the DualShock Controller.

The second video recounts how PlayStation "took the world by storm" with the launch of the PlayStation 2.

The third, and presumably final video in the series, brings us up to today and the PlayStation 3. It details the expansion of the "gaming ecosystem" including the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Move, and PlayStation Plus.

So where do we go from here? We've heard plenty of rumors regarding the PlayStation 4, but all will become clear on February 20th. We've certainly come a long way since the original Sony console. These videos clearly showcase the star power of the PlayStation console, effectively setting the tone for what to expect with the PS4.

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