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Sony wants Rain to be a 'melancholy and nostalgic' experience

Invisible boy on street corner

Rain is easily one of the most intriguing PSN games of 2013. Judging from early gameplay footage, it has the potential to be this year's Journey. I know, those are some awfully big shoes Japan Studio's PlayStation C.A.M.P. (Tokyo Jungle) has to fill.

For those unfamiliar, Rain puts you in the shoes of a young boy who mysteriously awakens in a strange, dark and dreary, rain-soaked world. Made visible only by the rain that falls, the boy becomes captivated by an invisible girl, also brought to life in the rain. While the use of rain and invisiblity allow for some creative gameplay mechanics, it seems narrative and storytelling will be the driving force behind Rain -- and it appears to be quite a somber one.

"We’re trying to evoke the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia throughout the game," said game producer Noriko Umemura.

"Everyone at one point when they were a child got lost outside their neighborhood, and were scared, and it was raining, and they were all alone," he explained. "Yet at the same time as wanting to get home, you also have this curiosity to see a little bit further and see what’s beyond the area you’re in. That’s the feeling we’re trying to evoke.

"As the story advances the boy explores many different places with different atmospheres, so please look forward to how the story goes. Will the boy and the girl meet? Will they help each other? Will they go separate ways? Please look forward to finding out," Umemura left off.

If Rain wasn't yet on your radar, it should be. The early gameplay footage we've seen have been simply breathtaking. I'm hoping to learn more about this intriguing title during E3 next week, so be sure to tune in to GameZone for all-new details. Rain is due out on PS3 later this year.

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