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Sony Vita will cater to younger players by 2014


As the PlayStation Vita is being released in Japan today, Sony has said it will target a younger audience by 2014.

Sony has always been committed to the hardcore for the most part, but have decided to change their business strategy to target the younger generation probably due to the success rivals Nintendo and Microsoft have experienced by presenting a more family friendly experience with the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo handhelds and the Kinect for Xbox 360.

According to, SCEE CEO Jim Ryan said, “What we will look to do is go younger and more quickly and more deliberately than we did with the PSP.”  Ryan went on to say fans wouldn’t see much of a change in 2012, but starting in 2013, Sony will be in the middle of the transition.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has already been moving that way and will be pushed more into the family-friendly area more in 2012.

With all the big hitting companies opting for a more family-friendly experience, it brings up the question if hardcore gamers will still be satisfied. As of today, Nintendo and Microsoft try to bring a balance to both worlds, and hopefully Sony can do the same. Here’s to you, 2014.

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