Sony to abandon PlayStation 3's Cell processor with PS4

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Following last week's rumors that chip-maker AMD would make the graphics tech for the PlayStation 4, "industry sources" close to Kotaku are claiming the PS4 will not use Sony's Cell processor.

The sources say Sony is ditching the Chip tech, which Sony said would revolutionize consoles.  The Cell chip consisted of a "Power Processing Element" joined to eight "Synergistic Processing Elements" - a project PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi hoped would lead to home where multiple Cell devices could work in conjunction with each other.

Unfortunately, the Cell did not catch on and only led to many game developers struggling to work with the complex chipset on the PS3.

Sony has not yet commented on this new Cell rumor, nor the older rumors from Forbes claiming Sony would be ditching the Nvidia graphics tech, which is used on the PS3, in favor of AMD.

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