Sony Sells Over 300,000 PS Vitas in 2 Days

PS Vita Screenshot - Japanese people buying the Vita

I think Sony deserves a round of applause. The PS Vita managed to sell 321,407 units in the first two days of its launch according to Famitsu. If the rumored shipment of 700,000 units is correct, that means it sold almost half of total units.

This is definitely impressive, considering the original PSP that launched on December 12, 2004 managed to only sell 166,074 on the first day. It didn't manage to top Nintendo however as the Nintendo 3DS managed to sell 371,326 units on the first two days, about 50,000 more units.

All is not great however, as reports are coming in from various PS Vita users that report complications and technical problems. Some of these problems include system freezes, not being able to register PSN accounts, or the the built in GPS being inaccurate (which is only available in the 3G version. It has gotten so far out of control that Sony Computer Entertainment issued an official apology on their website, and at the same time offer an update to their current firmware, bringing it to version 1.5.

Sony gets a pat on the back, as well as a smack upside the head.

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