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Sony's "Venom-verse" has been confirmed to coexist with the MCU

Does this mean we'll see Tom vs Tom in a future movie?

Sony Pictures producer, Amy Pascal, has confirmed that Sony's 'Venom' and related projects will be connected to the MCU.

One of the biggest upsets in the world of Marvel is arguably the announcement that Sony would be starting their own cinematic universe centering on classic Spider-Man villain, Venom, as well as other characters like Black Cat and the Silver Sable. The casting wasn't actually the issue, considering most were relieved to find that fan favorite actor, Tom Hardy, would be donning the alien symbiote as Eddie Brock. The frustration lide with the revelation that these movies would not only have ZERO ties to the new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man, but there would be no Spider-Man in this world at all!

Considering how odd and disappointing this news was, it seems that both Sony and Marvel have heard the cries of outrage and have looked over their unprecedented "shared rights" contract for the Spider-Man film brand. Now, it seems that certain ties will be made to the 'Venom' and subsequent Sony films that will link them to the new Spider-Man. In a recent interview, Sony Pictures executive producer, Amy Pascal, and Marvel Studios executive producer, Kevin Feige, revealed the following:

It's likely Tom Holland's Spider-Man may not make an appearance in any of the new Sony films, but that doesn't rule out the possibility that Venom might make a cameo in a future web-slinger adventure. The connections might lie solely with the ocassional reference or image, just enough to fein some connection. Check back for more updates on the production.

Venom releases 2018!

Spider-Man: Homecoming releases July 7th!

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