Sony's next-gen console will be called PlayStation 4, domain name suggests

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Any hope that Sony would change up its naming scheme with its next console was squashed today with the discovery that Quantic Dream registered a new domain name relating to the PS4. Quantic Dream, currently developing Beyond: Two Souls for the PlayStation 3, has registered the domain name "".

Aside from revealing a new next-game game from the French developer, it clearly indicates Sony's next console will, in fact, be called the PlayStation 4. In the past, Quantic Dream has registered both and The PS4 is currently codenamed "Orbis", which many have thought to signal a change to Sony's "PlayStation X" naming convention.

It's extremely early to speculate on Quantic Dream's new project, but as IGN points out, Singularity is highly unlikely to be the official title as Activision holds all rights to that name in multiple territories. It could, however, have some sort of subtitle when the game makes its official debut. In the meantime, we'll focus on what we do know; that is Quantic Dream remains hard at work on Beyond: Two Souls, which stars actress Ellen Page and is expected to release sometime this year.

As for the PS4, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai acknowledged the company is in no rush to reveal its next-gen console.


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