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Sony reveals new PlayStation-certified smartphone


The Consumer Electronics Show or CES officially starts tomorrow, but it seems Sony has jumped the gun by revealing their new Xperia Ion smartphone in a YouTube video posted today. To most of us the appearance of a new smartphone is hardly exciting news, though the brief mention of the phone being "PlayStation-certified" definitely caught our attention.

"That's a story that's developing" confirmed Stephen from the Xperia team. Mentioning that there are "lots of great PlayStation titles coming." Even more interesting though, is the phone's touted connectivity functions, to allow for multiplayer gaming across different devices. "One thing we're playing around here at the show is cross platform gaming. So what we're gonna show is having an S1 tablet and Xperia phones playing the same game, multiplayer, against each other."

Definitely a huge reveal, and an indication that Sony is interested in continuing to push the PlayStation brand onto phones, much like the Xperia Play. We'll be waiting to see just what this phone is capable of as more details come out of CES.


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