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Sony Covering Up Existence of Bioshock Infinite Move Accessory


Earlier today the UK Playstation site published an article about upcoming Move games, in an attempt to get gamers excited for the poorly supported motion-control accessory. One tiny sentence however, has opened the door to some wild speculation. The article as originally published contained the following line.

"A special PS Move peripheral is being produced that will draw you even deeper into this stunning vision of a parallel future," - as reported by

The story quicky began to get picked up by other news outlets, though it seems now Sony has quickly revised the original article, which now says simply:

"And prepare to head to Columbia in 2012, the city in the sky featured in BioShock Infinite, as you attempt to save a girl named Elizabeth from the ominous Songbird in this stunning vision of a parallel future."

There's two different possibilites here. One is that the writer of the piece was incorrect in stating there was a special Bioshock accessory on the way, and the line was removed to avoid confusion. The other more likely scenario, is that news of this unknown accessory was being saved for a time closer to the game's launch, and that this hapless UK writer is likely being chewed out by the rest of the PR team.

What do you think? Would Bioshock Infinite benefit from some crazy new motion controller? Or is this story a bust?

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