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Sony redirecting PS Vita's marketing toward 'younger audience'

Japanese people buying the Vita

The PlayStation Vita has now sold 2.2 million units worldwide, as of June 30th - just a 1 million increase since it passed the 1.2 million mark back in February 2012.

In comparison, the VIta's biggest competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, sold over three million units worldwide at the same point in its lifecycle. Keep in mind, it was also before the 3DS received the price cut which eventually led to booming sales.

In an interview with PlayFront, Sony PlayStation Germany boss Uwe Bassendowski attributed the sluggish Vita sales as an error in marketing. In their effort to appeal to an older consumers, Sony largely ignored the younger demographic, a move which Bassendowski says will soon be adjusted.

Sony has already ruled out a price cut for the Vita this year, but has attempted to to lure in gamers with impressive bundles and a brand new Cross Buy initiative which gives anybody who purchases a PS3 game a free copy of the Vita version, provided there is one. So far the only games mentioned for the promotion include PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

While Sony has told fans to "expect more games using these features", they recently admitted the promotion is limited by technological differences between the Vita and the PS3.


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