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Sony: PS4 DualShock 4 is 'not a Move controller'


Last week, at the PlayStation 4 announcement event, Sony unveiled the DualShock 4 controller. While we didn't get a look at the actual system itself, Sony did give the full rundown of what the PS4's controller will be capable of.

We heard terms like "tighter sense of control" and "reduced latency." Although the touchpad was the star feature of the controller, the addition of a light bar at the top raised some interesting questions. As we now know, the PlayStation 4 will be bundled with a dual camera bar that tracks and observes your movements in a 3D space. Does this mean the DualShock 4 controller will act as a PlayStation Move? Not quite.

“Its not a Move controller because the Move controller is different and will be compatible with PlayStation 4 and the new camera," said Michael Denny, VP of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe. "The feature your talking about is the light bar and how that may interact with the camera."

“Obviously the new 3D stereo camera and HD feed [will] be a lot better with AR aspects, and it can track the light source clearly in 3D so there are going to be features possible in a motion sense there. And obviously the DualShock 4 has improved SixAxis motion sensing so motion gaming is possible with the new controller”.

Denny emphasized that the Move and DualShock 4 will offer two separate control methods. “I think the way to to look at the camera use and the light bar for the DualShock 4 it is that it adds new more possibilities to the DualShock controller rather than thinking of it as a separate Move controller."

Although the controller has received a slight redesign, I'm glad Sony stuck with the same traditional shape. For a closer look at the DualShock 4 and it's new features, check out these hi-res photos.



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