Sony predicts 17 million PS4 and PS3 systems sold next fiscal year, decline in portable sales

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Just on the heels of Nintendo’s financial overview, Sony has released the consolidated financial results for Q4 of the 2013 fiscal year, among them lofty expectations for the PS4.

Between PS4, PS3 and PS2, Sony moved 14.6 million home systems in the 2013 fiscal year, with 384 million games sold between them. However, the company still incurred an operating deficit of 18.8 billion Yen for the period.

The outlook for the 2014 fiscal year is much more promising: 17 million home systems, undoubtedly dominated by PS4 sales, are expected to lead the company’s gaming division, supporting 390 million software sales and producing an operating profit of 20 billion Yen.  

Contrastingly, despite a growing emphasis on cross-platform play and system integration, Sony predicts that their portable systems will move 600k fewer units than the previous year. Although the loss is split between PlayStation Vita, PSP and PS Vita TV, it’s probable that Vita will bear the bulk of the decline given its history of difficulty.

Of course, that’s nothing a few Soul Sacrifice Delta’s can’t fix. That game’s amazing. 

Austin Wood
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