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Sony PlayStation head envisions an all-digital future


Whether we like like it or not, the video game industry is moving into an all-digital future. It may not have happened with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (though Microsoft certainly made a valiant effort), but it's looking more and more certain that's where we are heading. In fact, we're starting to already see the signs, only not with traditional home consoles.

Speaking to VG247 about the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation UK’s Managing Director Fergal Gara made particular note of the Vita's "higher percentage" of digital games sold when compared to the PlayStation 3.

Compared to PS3, Vita has had a higher percentage of games bought digitally since it was first launched," Gara told the website. "It’s interesting and it demonstrates how many people look at it as the iPod of handheld gaming."

Gara pointed out that more games are still consumed through physical game cards than through digital, but noted "things are increasingly moving the other way." Gara didn't compare the Vita's digital sales to the PS4, but Sony has clearly placed an emphasis on the home console's digital store front. The PlayStation Store allows gamers to purchase titles directly through the digital store and being downloading and installing them immediately, even if you aren't near your console. Thanks to the PS4's Sleep Mode, you can complete all the required actions -- downloading, installing, patching, etc. -- before you even get home. 

"Could be that in future physical games becomes the side we do without," he concluded.  For an all-digital future to exist, Sony and Microsoft must continue to improve the digital storefront so that it becomes even more convenient than having to go to a physical retail store. 

Would you like to see an all-digital future?

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