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Sony planning to announce PlayStation cloud gaming service at E3?


Sony has reportedly struck a deal with either OnLive or Gaikai that will bring cloud gaming to PlayStation devices.

According to VG247, Sony will announce the new game streaming service for "PlayStation Hardware" at E3 during their press conference in Los Angeles.

It's unknown if this service will be brought to the PS3 or PS Vita, both, or possibly the next PlayStation console.  Despite Sony repeatedly saying they won't announce the PS4 at E3, OnLive has expressed interest in bringing  its technology on next generation consoles.

If Sony does adopt OnLive for their console, it wouldn't be the first time.  OnLive, at one point, was running on the PS3 before Sony removed Linux support.

If either OnLive or Gaikai begin to offer their services, it would allow users to stream full games or demos instantly online without the need for discs or hardware installations.  The device can currently be used on devices such as PCs, TVs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets to stream games online.

If Sony does intend on making this announcement at E3, will it be enough for them to win the hearts of gamers?  It probably won't hurt...unless you have crappy internet like I do.


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