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Sony patent allows new content to be added to classic cloud-based games

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A newly discovered patent filed by Sony last year and published this week reveals that Sony is looking into the idea of adding new content to classic games streamed through the cloud. The patent, titled "Suspending State of Cloud-Based Legacy Applications" suggests that new objectives can be added "in a format that was not original designed to be in the legacy game."

"Finding new ways to play preexisting video games can increase the longevity of older games," the background of the invention reads. "Instead of replaying the same level or completing the same missions repeatedly, gamers often desire new challenges when replaying legacy games."

"In response to this need, game designers have begun to produce mini-games. Within a mini-game, the gamer can be instructed to complete new objectives or challenge their friends for high scores in a format that was not originally designed into the legacy game. Further, since the mini-game is derived from a legacy game, the gamer already knows the characters and basic components of the game, and is therefore more likely to play the mini-game."

Basically, the patent calls for an invention that allows game designers to add this new content without having to record and reverse engineer the game. Instead, triggers and snapshots will provide information for these "minigames." A script from game designers would essentially combine with these snapshots and triggers to make this new content.

Prior to the PlayStation 4's launch, Sony struck a deal with Gaikai to eventually allow the streaming of classic games via the cloud. While Sony has yet to share specific details, this patent could have something to do with the whole structure. 

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