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Sony now selling individual PS4 parts in Japan, may do the same stateside


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today announced the much requested service of purchasing individual pieces of the PlayStation 4.

The system’s hard drive bay cover runs roughly $10, a bracket for the bay will cost you $5, the power cord comes closer to $4 and a hardware packet will put you out $2. These four are the only pieces currently available, presumably because they are the most likely to be broken and subsequently replaced, and are only being sold in Japan.

Although SCEJ has yet to discuss or so much as hint at the possibility of the service heading to other markets, the prospect is probable to say the least. Japan often serves as a testing ground for Sony (see: PS Vita TV), and the company’s timeline will attest to popular Japanese services finding their way into other markets. Given the PS4’s North American and UK success, spreading a new source of revenue is a no-brainer on Sony’s part.


Austin Wood
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