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Sony, Microsoft refuse comment on PS4, Xbox 720 unveil at E3


Earlier today, MCV reported that both the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be shown at E3 2012.  According to MCV's "third-party publishing sources", claims that Microsoft had signaled to partners that they would detail its next-gen plans at E3 2012. 

If a next-gen Xbox rumor wasn't enough, MCV also said "Execs at the PlayStation firm have made it clear to third-parties that they will not be left behind this time".  I guess that's code for "we are revealing a new console at E3".

These are the latest rumors to hit the web for reveals for both companies, but neither have outright confirmed or denied the truth to these.

"Microsoft doesnt' comment on rumor or speculation," said a Microsoft representative to Electronic Theatre when asked to confirm the rumors.

Sony, however, had a much more colorful reaction with Shuhei Yoshida, Presidentof Sony's Worldwide Studios, laughing at the idea of a new PlayStation console.  "I don't know what you are talking about," he said.

Reveal rumors for a next-gen console is nothing new for Microsoft and Sony - and at this point I'm hesitant to believe any "reveal" rumors.  This one in particularly has me scratching my head. 

It almost seems like MCV was like, "Crap, Microsoft really isn't going to reveal a new console at CES 2012 so what other big trade show could they do it at."

Whether or not you choose to believe them is up to you, but I'm not even on the fence about this one.  I'm beyond the fence.

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