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Sony likely to announce PS4 after next Xbox


Despite the rumors, Sony has confirmed numerous times that they have no plans to announce a new PlayStation console anytime soon.  Denying rumors of a E3 2012 PS4 announcement, Sony's Andrew House confirmed the PlayStation Vita will be Sony's main focus this year, not the PS4 as many had hoped.  But looking forward, what does Sony have in store?  Apparently nothing, as they already said they intend to stick by the original 10-year plan

Taking it a step further, PlayStation France CEO Philippe Cardon addressed the idea of Sony announcing a new console, saying Sony would "probably be the last to announce something".

In an interview with French gaming site Le Point, Cardon acknowledged that Sony is "under a lot of pressure" to release a new console, but would probably wait last to announce something - most likely after the next Xbox is announced.

Nintendo has just revealed that the Wii U will release sometime later in 2012, but Cardon explained Nintendo was pressed for time because the Wii was "in decline".  Sony, on the other had, had a slew of successful exclusives last year with an even stronger lineup this year featuring Twisted Metal, Starhawk, and possibly The Last of Us,  a recently announced IP from the developers of the Uncharted series.

At this point, fans on both sides of the console war are waiting for Sony and Microsoft to announce something new.  Both have denied rumors though.  It seems both companies are at a stalemate, with neither wanting to make the first move.  2012 is shaping up to be the Cold War of the video game industry - both companies waiting to see what the other will do first. 

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