Sony 'laser-focused on the gamer' with PS4

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As if you couldn't already tell from Sony's approach towards the next-gen, the company is "laser-focused" on the consumer when it comes to the PS4. Gamers have been particularly pleased with Sony's relaxed approach with the PlayStation 4 -- no DRM, no used game restrictions, no mandatory internet connection; all of these had been selling points to gamers angered over Microsoft's initial policies with the Xbox One (since reversed). One needs to look no further than the standing ovation Sony received at E3 back in June.

"We stay laser-focused on the consumer," Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton said when asked what makes Sony different from the competition. "What does the gamer want? What does the development community want? How do we give them the palette to create the best gaming experience possible?

"We've seen competitors come and go. We've had formidable competition in the past. We'll have formidable competition going forward. You get laser focused on your business vision and you execute what the gamers want," he added.

"We've worked closely with the gamers and development community forever," Tretton explained of Sony's approach, particularly the lack of DRM with the PS4. "And really all we did was continue what we've been doing since we debuted the original PlayStation. So it wasn't a reaction to Microsoft. It was a continuation of the vision we have. And, obviously based on the 25-second round of applause, a reaction from consumers that validated that."

It's not just consumers that Sony is aiming to please, but developers as well. Sony has made it a point of emphasis to court smaller indie developers. At both E3 and Gamescom, Sony spent a considerable amount of time during their press conference highlighting indie games. It's a focal point that they hope will help enhance the platform in ways that triple A experiences can't.

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