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Sony hypes PlayStation Plus on PS4 with new video


Sony has released a new video highlighting the perks of PlayStation Plus, a subscription service package that provides a series of added features like free games and discounts to PlayStation Network members. An optional service for PS3, Sony will require all PlayStation 4 owners to subscribe to PS Plus in order to play PS4 games online.

Of course, just looking at the video above, you can see the subscription is well worth it. Below is the list of services you'll receive for being a PlayStation Plus member.

  • Instant Game Collection: Receive top-rated games on your PS4, PS3 and PS Vita every month for the course of your membership.
  • Online Multiplayer: Play with your friends and take on the world in electrifying online multiplayer on your PS4.
  • Money-saving Discounts and Giveaways: Cash in on loads of great deals on PlayStation Store games and add-ons.
  • Exclusive Access: Go straight to the front of the queue to try out new demos and official public Beta trials.
  • Online Storage: Back up your saved games, and carry on your gaming adventures anywhere, anytime, on any PS4 or PS3.
  • One Membership: Take advantage of all the great benefits of PlayStation Plus on your PS4, PS3 and PS Vita -- all with one membership.

Do you plan on subscribing to PS Plus once the PS4 releases?

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