Sony Gamescom press conference date and time revealed

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Sony has confirmed that it will be hosting its Gamescom press conference on Tuesday, August 20th at the Saatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne, Germany.

The conference will begin at 7:00pm Central European Time, which if I've done my time conversion right means 1:00pm EST and 10:00am PST.

As MCV notes, Sony has previously used the Gamescom press conference to announce price cuts for the PS3 and new games for the Vita, but with the PlayStation 4 well on its way there's no doubt Sony is thinking much bigger.

Sony has already hinted that some of the PS4's 20-or-so launch window games will be shown at the conference, but aside from that I'm sure we're all hoping for a solidified release date and maybe a surprise or two that will really establish the PlayStation 4 as a unique console. With Microsoft reversing all of its policies regarding the Xbox One, the crisp line differentiating the two systems is beginning to blur. Sony must do something to separate itself.

What would you like to see Sony announce at its Gamescom press conference?


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