Sony continues "Evolution of PlayStation" with PSP and Vita retrospective

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Heading in to this week, Sony has been releasing short documentary-like videos recapping the "Evolution of PlayStation." The series, which we believed to be related to tomorrow's big event where Sony is expected to unveil the PS4, began with a look back at the launch of the original PlayStation console and concluded (or so we thought) with a PS3 recap. It turns out we were wrong.

Sony has released another video in the "Evolution of PlayStation" series, this time reflecting on portable gaming. The video recounts how PlayStation "revolutionized" portable gaming with the PlayStation Portable and the all-new PlayStation Vita.

What exactly does this mean for tomorrow's event? With the PS4 expected to be the main attraction of tomorrow's event, it only made sense for Sony to offer a retrospective on its home consoles. But this latest look back at the PSP and Vita? What gives? This latest entry could indicate that some of tomorrow's big announcements could be related to the Vita. A possible price cut perhaps? Maybe some sort of Vita integration with the PS4? 

Check out the new retrospective below and tune in tomorrow as we provide live coverage and analysis of Sony's big reveal.

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