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Sony confirms that the PSP’s decade-long life will end this year


With the announcement that Japanese production of the PSP will end later this month, Sony has driven the final stake in the coffin of their original handheld. Sad as it is to see the era end, it comes as no surprise; after all, US production ended earlier this year. However, EU gamers have a few more months to pick up the little system.

The PSP’s official cancellation likely results from the advent of the PlayStation 4—out with the old and so on—but is ultimately inevitable given the lifespan of the system. After first debuting in Japan in December 2004, the system went on to build a sizeable archive of beloved titles, not the least of which are Monster Hunter, Daxter, Ys and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

It will be missed, but we’ve just got to make room for all those fantastic Vita releases, right?

[Twitter via Destructoid]

Austin Wood
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