Sony 'confident' that PS4 will release before Xbox 720

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So now that we have a more clarified release date for the Xbox 720, there is still one console that needs more clarity. Details did emerge last week regarding the PlayStation 4's new codename 'Orbis', though it did focus on sketches to what looks like yet another iteration of motion control gaming through a camera.

Thanks to VG247, their close sources report that their 'confident' that the PS4 will be available to the mass market ahead of the Xbox 720, or the Next Xbox, which is planned for a Holiday 2013 release.

This could could be a big deal for Sony since the current gen system was released a year after the competition, giving Microsoft a huge advantage over Sony, and those who just wanted a next-gen system a reason to purchase an Xbox 360 at its launch.

Though of course this isn't a direct confirmation, but it makes sense that Sony would like to have a head start in the next-gen race, and being the first one on the market could definitely help with initial sales.

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