Sony, BioWare working to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3

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Putting differences aside, Sony, EA, and BioWare are all working together to bring the Mass Effect 3  multiplayer weekends to PlayStation 3.  At least, that's what Sony is saying.

Speaking to Shacknews, a Sony representative confirmed, "We are currently working together with EA and BioWare on an implementation to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3."

Seems like your typical PR response to a situation, but it's better than what we last heard from BioWare when they simply said Sony was "not allowing" them to run the same challenges on PS3.

In the Operation Resurgence post last week, BioWare outed Sony as the one responsible for PS3 fans being left out of the weekly challenges, saying they have "not yet approved the promotion."  BioWare did say at the time they are working to "find a compromise", but things were looking bleak.

So while there is no REAL progress on the outside, at least we know the companies are working towards some kind of agreement.  Let's hope they reach one so us PS3 users don't miss out on any more rewards.


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