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Sony auctions off 'Greatness Awaits' props for your PlayStation Gold Trophies

Black Hand outfit from Killzone Shadow Fall

Sony is offering PlayStation gamers a chance to bid on props, costumes, and weapons from the epic Greatness Awaits trailer that debuted during E3 last month. The only catch -- which is actually pretty awesome -- is you aren't bidding with cash, but instead with the Gold Trophies you've earned while playing PlayStation games. All that hard work and dedication will finally pay off.

At various times, new props will become available to bid on. By simply logging in with your PSN account, you can bid on the auctions with the Gold Trophies you currently own. Don't worry, the trophies you bid with will not be lost from your PSN account; it's used merely as a currency. Auctions will last 24 hours per item and you'll be notified if you've been outbid. It's that simple.

Just a few of the items youc an win include the Black Hand outfit from Killzone Shadow Fall, the Infected Clicker costume from The Last of Us, and the Dragonborn Dagger from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Head over to the Bid for Greatness website for the full list of items being auctioned and then see if you can find them in the actual trailer below.

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