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Sony attempts stealthy cover up to hide Dishonored's removal from March PS Plus

Original link structure reveals Dishonored was supposed to be free this month


Fresh off announcing March's rather impressive lineup of free PlayStation Plus games, Sony might have found themselves in a bit of hot water. 

Following the publishing of a post announcing this month's PS Plus games, it appears that someone at Sony overlooked one more detail that could be a major problem - the link structure of the post which reveals that Dishonored was actually supposed to be a part of this month's free offerings. Discovered by the eagle-eyed folks at NeoGAF, the original link structure for the post read "," clearly suggesting Dishonored, at one point, was included in the plans.

PS Plus Dishonored

Not sure what went wrong, but Dishonored appears to have been pulled at the last minute, which could also explain why Sony was late in initially revealing the lineup of free games. Last week, Sony PlayStation Europe community manager Fred Dutton vaguely teased that Sony was still "finalizing details" for March, adding that there are "lots of moving parts, contracts to be signed etc." I don't want to put words in his mouth, but it's possible that Sony was working with Bethesda on getting Dishonored into the lineup for the month, but couldn't work things out in time.

It gets worse though. Once speculation stemming from the link started to come up, Sony quickly and quietly changed the link structure. The original link above still works, taking you to this month's PS Plus announcement, but the link structure has been changed to read "". I appreciate the irony in Sony's stealthy attempt at covering it up, but it's too late. The internet is much more observant than the guards in Dishonored.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. Not even about Dishonored being removed, but about Sony trying to cover it up after it was discovered. Sure, it would've been nice to have Dishonored, but March's PS Plus is already filled with some pretty impressive games, including Valiant Hearts and Counterspy. It sure would've been nice to have Dishonored though. Maybe next month!

I don't think we, as gamers, ask for too much from game companies (okay maybe we do), but is a little openness too much to ask for? I get that as a publicly traded company you need to be careful what you say, but I think all these short tweets that provide vague, mysterious "updates" on a situation actually do more harm than good. Just be open and honest, that's all we ask.

I do have one question though, which was the game that replaced Dishonored?

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