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Sony allegedly planning PS4 and Vita bundle for 'around $500'

PS4 Vita bundle

Looking to take advantage of Remote Play -- the ability to stream and play PS4 games directly to the PlayStation Vita handheld device -- Sony is rumored to be working on a new bundle that combines the two systems. According to Inside Gaming Daily's "well-placed anonymous source," the alleged bundle will cost "around $500" and release "at the end of the year."

First thing to note: this is only a rumor and should be treated as such. Secondly, it just doesn't add up. The PS4 is currently listed for $399, while the Vita sells for $249. By combining both in the $500 package, Sony would be taking a $150 hit on the Vita and for what? The PS4 is already selling out at retailers and while the Vita sales continue to struggle, the ability to play on the handheld device (coupled with a slight price cut perhaps?) could help increase sales. There's no real reason to bundle the two, especially so close to the PS4's launch and for such a cheap price.

Having said that, I would welcome such a bundle with open arms. As someone who already pre-ordered the PS4 I would love the ability to stream games off-screen, especially if it comes at such a discounted price. At $500, the PS4 and the Vita would cost the same price as the Xbox One which comes shipped with the mandatory Kinect peripheral.

Would you get down on the PS4/Vita bundle?


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