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Sony acknowledges 'minor network connectivity issues' across PSN and SEN


Sony has confirmed they are experiencing "minor network connectivity issues" across PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Networks. "We're looking into this, thanks for your patience," PlayStation Europe said in a brief update.

It's a pretty quick response, though it lacks any sort of details. At this point, it's unclear if this is an isolated incident or something more serious, like another DDoS attack by Lizard Squad. The notorious hacker group did recently post a number of tweets suggesting another DDoS another PSN's servers, though Sony hasn't said anything about that.

I originally thought it could be Monday's maintenance, but I did think it odd that Sony made no announcement. Now that they've confirmed these connectivity issues, we can rule that out. 

The DDoS attacks on Sony's servers actually started on Sunday. Though service was restored the next day, users were still experiencing slowness or login issues. It now appears that PSN is fully down once again.


The "official" PlayStation account has responded to the issues, telling fans "our engineers are aware of the issues and working to resolve."

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