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Sony: 31% of PS4 owners only owned a Wii or Xbox 360 last generation


PlayStation’s North American marketing vice-president John Koller recently stated, in an interview with Kotaku, that 31% of the gamers who’ve bought a PlayStation 4 only owned an Xbox 360 or Wii in the last console generation.

The obvious implication here is that PS4 has lured gamers to Sony’s side of the fence, convincing them to change brands, so to speak. Similarly, Koller said that roughly 17% of PS4 owners didn’t own a console of any type in the last gen.

“The person that we’ve picked up since launch primarily is someone we call the connoisseur, someone that loves, unequivocally, loves games,” Koller said, addressing PlayStation’s demographic. “They are the people who, when you walk in [their home], there’s no books on their book shelves. They’re all game packages. They’re the people who stood in line at midnight [for the PS4’s launch]. They really are a fantastic consumer for us. They’re a great part of the PlayStation nation.”

Interestingly, Koller also said that “indulgers, people that are traditionally a little bit more price-sensitive or down the funnel” have been buying early.

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