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Sonic Storybook Series Is Still Alive


How do we feel about a new entry in the Sonic Storybook Series? I see some of you are intrigued. As for the rest of you, I can't say I blame you for your skepticism.

In an interview with Sonic Paradise, a Sega Mexico representative hinted that the Sonic Storybook Series had yet to be complete. As it turns out, more than one game may be planned for the series. According to the Sega rep, the Sonic Storybook Series is set to be a trilogy.

So who's excited about this? I enjoyed Sonic and the Secret Rings. I thought the on-rails gameplay was solid for the most part, and for me, that game faithfully captured the high-speed antics of the Sonic franchise. I wasn't too keen on level grinding, but once Sonic got going, he was a speedy blue hedgehog with a large number of fun levels to race through.

I never did play Sonic and the Black Knight, though. It didn't seem very good. If Sega can take the good from both games and strip out the bad, we may have a title to look forward to.

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