Sonic Generations Demo Cracked, Levels for Full Game Revealed

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I tried. I really tried to refrain from writing about Sonic the Hedgehog in all of my news posts today. Sadly, I won't be able to do that. It seems the Sonic Generations demo (which launched today) has already been cracked! That's insane!

The big reveal (or leak) was posted on the Sonic Retro forums. In addition to info on the game's main stages, there will also be a Genesis emulator in the game, which is pretty nifty. Also, a special Casino Night Zone-themed pinball level will be included with pre-orders. Below is the full set of stages in Sonic Generations:

Green Hill Zone Chemical Plant Zone Sky Sanctuary Zone Speed Highway City Escape Seaside Hill Crisis City Rooftop Run Planet Wisp

A list of boss fights in the game is as follows:

Metal Sonic Shadow Silver Death Egg Perfect Chaos Egg Dragoon TimeEater (No idea what this could be.)

Sonic diehards are certainly a crazy, obsessive bunch. That said, I'm glad to see some classic stages as well as newer zones revisited in Sonic Generations. I wonder if Sega will try to change or add/remove some levels now that everything has been made public.

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