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Sonic CD Not Headed to WiiWare Due to File Size


Last week we reported that Sonic the Hedgehog CD would be landing on multiple download platforms aside from Xbox Live Arcade. This includes PlayStation Network, PC, iOS, and Windows Phone. Sega did not, however, include WiiWare or the 3DS eShop.

Now, Sonic CD seems like it would be a nice addition to the 3DS. It looks like the type of game that could be pretty sweet in stereoscopic 3D, and Sega could probably do some cool things with the dual screens, such as having Sonic run and jump through both like in Sonic Colors for the DS. That said, the publisher is probably focusing on making Sonic Generations its top 3DS priority at the moment.

As for the Wii, there are no plans of bringing Sonic CD to the Big N's shiny console, nor does it seem like there will ever be. Initially, I figured that Sega didn't even want to bother with what seemed like a largely ignored console. After all, if Nintendo isn't making a big deal out of the Wii anymore, why would players, and why should publishers and developers?

It seems that's not really the case, though. As it turns out, Sonic CD exceeds the limited 40MB file size restriction that Nintendo placed on WiiWare games. You know, that same limitation that kept Super Meat Boy from landing on the Wii's questionable download platform.

So no Sonic CD for WiiWare, it seems. Thankfully the game is coming to pretty much every other platform known to man.

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